Duhhhhhh! It’s the busy season

Yes, I’ve been busy! I was hoping to grow by big numbers this spring/summer. But instead we are running lean. Plus it stays light until 8 blah blah blah. My guys go home 5 to 6 ish and I’m on the road again until dark 30. I love mowing! I am picking up the slack the rain,, summertime growth and extra client demands are causing my guys to run 50+ hours a week. And it’s getting me back on the lawns. Tough to add clients when I’m busy retaining clients. The word of mouth is definitely building. The “thumbtack” app , which most of my clients originally contacted me through, has gotten very greedy.$$$$$$

I have stayed away for 2 months and have had positive client growth. Minimally we’ve tried Facebook ads to grow……….. meh…… they were no HELP!(see what I did there?)he he he. In the 90’s in HE’s first carnation, trifolded flyers stuffed on doors was the best marketing I had. Me, Jj, Matt, and Christina constantly canvassed current and desired locations for growth. Who could refuse those three cuties?!!!! But, they refuse to assist me now. I think the rollerblading, tank topped, mullet headed father of the 90’s scared them away. Actually two drs and a world saving daughter are moving onward and upward. No time to HELP(did it again😜) their old man. But one day it will come full circle for them and they will again be horticultural endeavorers! Or HELPErs!

Us Stankowicz’s never forget our roots!(sometimes I’m just too punny)!

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