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I’m a professional driver. I have to drive to do my job. I get paid to do my job. Thus: professional driver. I am a very good driver. Minor dumb tickets, no fender benders in probably 5 years. Drivers are getting dumber. I’m glad I don’t pack heat as I would probably be unpacking said heat several times a day. The most important aspect of driving isn’t doing your thing behind the killing machine, it’s paying attention to all the bad drivers around you. It’s basically a massive game of bumper cars and you Definitely don’t want to get bumped. I notice every single driver who is the cause of delays, late starts, backups, congestion, and plain old bad driving, has the phone on the 12 o’clock position. Really????!”/$&@(:/.$&

Get a phone holder.

Get hands free device

Get off the phone. It can wait. Omg!!!!!!!!!

Robots aren’t going to take over the world, apps are.

I can use my phone whilst teleporting via I95 or congress or 441 or turnpike

I do it carefully and with the safety of all of you out there being the priority.

Please try harder to save my  life!!!!!!


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