Rain, rain go away……..

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Ok, just kidding! We truly do need the rain. Since January my time has been used mostly (80%) on irrigation issues. A rule of thumb concerning plants getting enough water to thrive but not too much that stress occurs:

You can always add water

You can’t take too much water away.

Most plants become better if you train them to look for water. If you think your lawn is dry, walk on it and look behind you. If you can see the grass pushed down still where you walked it may be time to add. If a bunch of weeds are popping up in the turf, definitely too much water. From what we already received this week all property’s could turn off their irrigation until at least next week. This time of year is the trickiest as we won’t see broken sprinklers/pipes/systems as easily as when it’s dry. Pay attention!!!!

And please be patient with your landscape maintenance HELPErs!

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